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Oglala Lakota & Chicano “MiguelJon”

MiguelJon. Born Miguel Jon Castillo, Oglala Lakota & Chicano Youngest of 4, 3 Older Sisters. raised by both Parents, Miguel was born in San Antonio, Tx. Raised on the Northside of Rapid City, in his community “Sioux Addition” which where another site named “Lakota Homes” was developed years later. There Miguel claims as his Stomping Grounds, his childhood.

Miguel was turned onto Music @ an early age with his Father n Uncles Playing in a Tejano Band “Los Castillos”, So thru out the years Miguel wrote his first rap for a Elementary music project. Years past and he heard of Karaoke Machines that come with a Microphone and some tapes with karaoke tapes. Recorded here and there and used tapes with well known Instrumentals such as Boys II Men feat LL.Cool J – “Hey Lover”. This is where Miguel performed for his very first time at the age of 15 at the Band Shell in Rapid City’s Memorial Park. Then on off to become a DJ at 19 n stayed on them till Present where he was off n out and about at local clubs in town, where quickly became well known for his “Scratching” skills n Break Beat mixing. Then was introduced to the local scene of DJ/Turntablism.

Rapping and singing, South Dakota-based artist MIGUELJON has made a name for himself in the American Upnorth with his slick and smooth hip-hop productions, sometimes referred to as “Lakota Hip-Hop Ballads.” His R&B-flavored rap. MiguelJon was born Miguel Castillo in San Antonio, Texas, but was raised in Rapid City, SD. In 1985, he established Unstop Recordz to showcase his productions and talent. He released his first full-length album, Sioux Addition, in 2008, which enabled him to recruit other artists to form Unstop’s Finest. With MiguelJon’s production touch, the Unstops Finest spawned a number of regional hits, particularly “Just Lean (Remix)” featuring Angel, which peaked at number ten for Top Rap singles on After a mention MiguelJon in the Lakota Journal newspaper in 2008, Miguel started to receive calls to perform locally, placing him far ahead of many other South Dakota-based artists in terms of popularity. By the beginning of the new millennium, Miguel was primed to release his first solo album in 2008. The May release, “Sioux Addition” was a success. Miguel was then asked to perform in the backwoods of Atlanta, Georgia. All the way to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, even out neighboring State Minneapolis in Bemidji & Red Lake. Recently Miguel worked with many local 605 artist and some non-local artist. One from Greece Athens, another from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Miguels latest Album is “My Black Hillz Storiez” which has songs played on ThunderCloudRadio also here on RadioArrowNation The latest projects Miguel has 2 Mixtapes, 3 Albums. While awaiting to release a 2 Disc Album called “Unknown-Unheard”

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