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Originally a member of Tribal LIve, Blest One aka Marlon White has been elevating and creating original music since 1991.  Blest One (B1) started rappin and creating his own unique rhythm and flow at an early age.  His group Tribal Live would have huge success with a large following setting the standard and pushing boundaries for the early Native Hip Hop movement. Tribal Live's debut album "True II LIfe" would later receive Hip Hop Album of the year honors at the 2003 Native American Music Awards.


In 2007, Blest One decided to expand his solo career and released his first solo album, "Blest With Skills". The album was an instant success which would further catapult B1's career to another level. Selling thousands of cds, traveling the country, and meeting new fans, Blest One Music originated and began to emerge on the scene. The album "Blest With Skills" would later go on to be nominated for best Hip Hop Album of the year at the 2008 Native American Music Awards in Niagra Falls, NY.


After touring and the success of the first album, Blest One stepped away from the limelight and decided to return back to school to fulfill his dream of completing his college education. Sharpening his business skills and gaining a new perspective, Blest one graduated in 2011 with a degree in Business Administration from Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado.


With a new sense of direction and inspiration it was only a matter of time before Blest One would get back in the studio and begin recording his newest album. A life retrospective, motivational piece of work, the new album "Rise Above" is definitely his best work to date. 

Blest One has re-defined himself once again pouring his life into the music which features tracks like "Water is LIfe", dedicated to the water rights issues currently at odds in many indigenous communities throughout Native America. Also, "Red Earth", which is an album favorite talking about where B1 originated from and keeping true to his roots. Track 9 "Butch Cass RIP" is also a dynamic song paying tribute to the passing of a best friend. The "Rise Above" album also features other up and coming recording artists such as: Ali D, Joe College, Djadez, AZ Chief, R.Lynn.S. and DJ Reflekshin. The quality of production remains solid with contributing beat makers: Cy Matics, Fivestar Theodore, Nightbreed, DJ Chief Rocca (RIP), Seth FoldedArms, and Ty Miller. 


The "Rise Above" concept is referring to the everyday challenges that you face in life. Are you going to let negative things hold you down? Or are you going to face them head on and rise above the challenge to find a way to succeed. Through his life struggle, perseverance, and commitment.. Blest one is on his way, transforming dreams into reality. Its only a matter of time before we hear more big things to come from this talented artist.


Show your support and Download today.. The "Rise Above" Album is available via:  Itunes, Amazon,, Soundcloud.


You will definitely feel and appreciate the music. 
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